YPO S7 provides a network banded together with a common cause: to become better leaders. Your unique membership experience will show you what you can learn from an association with highly successful leaders.

You will find men and women — your peers — seeking the knowledge and principles of success for their businesses, their families, their friends and especially themselves.

Park City, Utah — One of many event locations

Park City, Utah — One of many event locations

Member Benefits

  • The largest global network of chief executives

  • The highest caliber of membership of any leadership organization

  • Confidential, secure and trusting relationships

  • Unparalleled business and personal resources

  • Events you cannot experience anywhere else

  • Transformative personal experiences

  • Whole-person growth and development opportunities

  • Extraordinary peer-to-peer learning and leadership

  • Experiences for the whole family, including spouses/partners and children

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Interested in joining?
Please review the qualification criteria and information below. If you have any questions about membership, email or call Amanda Berry at aberry@yposouthern7.org or +1.770.690.8449, ext. 20.

In order to become a member of the YPO Southern 7 Chapter, you have to be a member of YPO, and therefore you will be directed to the ypo.org website to complete your application.


Qualifying Age

A new application must be approved by YPO before the applicant reaches his or her 45th birthday.

Qualifying Title

YPO membership is intended to be available to individuals who hold the top position of a qualifying company or division and are directly responsible for all operations of the business or division. Without exception, the following titles are accepted by Southern 7 Chapter:

  • President

  • CEO

All other titles accepted by YPO (Managing Partner, Managing Director or Chairman of the Board) are subject to approval by the Southern 7 Chapter Membership Committee. Note: Both a chairman of the board/CEO and a president of the same qualifying corporation may not simultaneously be members of YPO. Division presidents must qualify under their division alone, and a letter is required from the enterprise CEO or chairman designating them as the single YPO member of the organization. 

Corporation Definition

“Corporation,” as the term is used here, includes incorporated or limited business entities, partnerships and other forms of business organizations deemed, at the discretion of YPO’s Executive Committee, to be substantially equivalent to businesses incorporated under the laws of the appropriate legal jurisdiction. This definition also includes academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations and government entities. All corporations must be operating businesses not primarily generating passive income.

Qualifying Corporation Requirements

An applicant must be qualified, in addition to age and title, by rules of corporate complexity established by the YPO Board. The candidate must meet one requirement from each category below — i.e., he or she must meet at least one “A” requirement and one “B” requirement. In exceptional cases presented by currency devaluation or other circumstances, the corporation complexity criteria may be met in other ways.

"A" Requirements

Requirement #1
The candidate must have at least 50 regular, full-time employees or the equivalent under his or her control. Persons engaged on a commission basis rather than straight salary are considered employees if they are permanently connected with the corporation and receive their principal livelihood therefrom. Seasonal employees are not included in YPO’s employee definition.


Requirement #2
The total compensation of all employees, excluding the compensation of the candidate, must exceed $2,000,000 (USD) AND the prospect must have at least 15 employees.

"B" Requirements

Requirement #1

The corporation must meet dollar-volume requirements based on the type of corporation the candidate runs, as follows:

  • Sales/Services/Manufacturing corporations must have at least $13,000,000 (USD) in gross annual sales or turnover.

  • Financial institutions must have average annual assets of at least $260,000,000 (USD).

  • Agency-type businesses must have annual fees or commissions billed of at least $10,000,000 (USD).


Requirement #2

The corporation must have an enterprise value of $20,000,000 (USD) as defined by one of the following

  • Net worth of assets before depreciation of $20,000,000 (USD).

  • Independent third-party investment/valuation of $20,000,000 (USD).

  • The sum of company’s public equity value plus its debt less cash must equal $20,000,000 (USD).

Please note these are minimum requirements. Individual YPO chapters may require additional criteria. In addition, membership criteria used in the application must be certified by an outside auditing firm or other approved independent third party. Only external certified public accountants (CPAs), chartered accountants (CAs) or lawyers/attorneys are approved as independent third parties. Please note that individuals on the prospective YPO member company’s staff, regardless of title, are not authorized to certify the membership criteria.

Dual Membership

The candidate may not be a member of another authorized chapter of YPO located within the states of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi. Dual membership in YPO chapters outside this area may be permitted.


Funds for the operation of YPO are obtained by the collection of dues and initiation fees. For the FYE 6/30/2020, total Initiation Fees are $6,525 ($3,525 YPO + $3,000 YPO Southern 7 Chapter) and total annual dues are $6,900 ($3,750 YPO + $3,150 YPO Southern 7 Chapter). Dues are payable each year on June 1. Dues are prorated monthly for new members according to join date. 


Any two Southern 7 Chapter Members may serve as sponsors, except the current Chapter Membership Officer and the current Chapter Chair. Conditional Members may not serve as sponsors. 

Each sponsoring Member is responsible for knowing the prospect well before he or she agrees to sponsor. By agreeing to be a sponsor, the Member is committing to make every effort to attend the Big 3 meeting to which the prospect is invited, serving as the prospect host. If this is not possible, the sponsor agrees to assist in finding a host for the prospect.