Transformational and Experiential Events

Interested in YPO S7 speaking engagements? YPO offers many opportunities for speakers to share their wisdom and experiences. Each year, YPO S7 holds three multi-day conferences – a Summer family meeting, a Fall couples meeting and a Winter couples meeting. The highlight of these meetings is the wide variety of globally and nationally renowned educational resources. There are typically 15-20 speakers over the three-four day period, with a keynote highlighted each day. Educational topics may include current events, sports, politics, culture, religion, family and childhood development, health care, and national defense. For more information, check out our Events.

Want to be considered as a candidate for speaking engagements?

Review our “Engage and Inspire” speaker’s guide for details on expectations and opportunities. YPO places a high value on speaker presentations that can challenge members and deliver strong take-home value. The guide will give you a good understanding of the organization’s structure, member demographics and how to make your presentation meet YPO’s E-CODE criteria.

Then complete our Speaker Information Form as the next step. This enters you into our speaker database and provides an opportunity for you to tell us about your areas of expertise, presentation style and what sets you apart as a speaker.