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Where can I view information on past Big 3 Meetings (speakers, evaluations, committee, etc.)?

You can view Event Memories for past S7 Big 3 Meetings going back to 2007 on the Event Memories page located under the Members Only tab. 

Where should I send someone who is thinking of joining S7?

The prospective member information is on the website under Membership/Member Criteria.  Also please contact or have the prospect contact the appropriate State Membership Chair (click here for Chapter Leadership) and Amanda Berry in the office who works with the membership team. 

How do I look up members of Southern 7 Chapter?

You must be logged in to the S7 website at to view the S7 Member Directory.  Once you have logged in, click on the Member Directory and you can perform a basic or advanced search.  To do advanced search just select member types (conditional members are the same as members for your purposes) and click submit to filter by advanced fields.


Note: State = Location on this site.  Please enter the full state name if you typing in the name for the search. (Ex. Virginia not VA).  Also enter a members full name on the advanced search in the Name field to ensure you get all the results.  (Ex. Search for David not Dave)

What are the Discussion Boards?  Where do I find the Discussion Boards?

Discussion Boards are available for members to use just like "forum discussion boards” on other websites.
Examples:You could post if your forum is looking for new members or you want to start a new forum, you are looking to hire someone in your company, vacation rental information or business questions or expertise.

You can find the link to the discussion boards under Members Only section. 


How do I post to the Discussion Board?

To post a question, thought, information, etc. please click on the forum name and click on post. Other Southern 7 members can then view and comment on your post.


Examples:  Question -We are looking for new members for our forum that are in the banking industry. Information: We just had a great forum facilitator, our forum would highly recommend him/her. To be updated on the different topics just subscribe to that forum by clicking on the forum and clicking on the green check mark.

What are messages?

Messages are communications sent within the website to other members of the chapter.  At this time only current Southern 7 members can log into the website so they will be the only ones who can receive them (so no spouses, graduates, WPO members, etc.).  You can however email any members or spouses listed in the directory directly. 

How do I contact the S7 Office?

You can contact the office through the "Contact Us” Form on the website/directly by email or phone which is listed on the S7 Team page or call the office at 770-690-8449.


How do I right click if I am using a MAC or iPAD?




How do I manage/edit my Southern 7 website profile?

Log in at with your S7 username and password (Note: they are separate from YPO International's site ) and click on manage profile. Click Edit Bio to make changes, update your privacy settings or change your username or password.


How do I change my S7 username or password?

Log in to your profile at and click on manage profile and then edit bio. Then click on "change” next to your username or password.  Note: Passwords must be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length and contain at least one number and one non-numeric character.


If you do not remember your password you can click on the "Forgot your Password” and enter your Southern 7 website username or the email you use for S7 to have an email sent to you with your password. If you cannot remember your username please contact the S7 staff and they can reset it or email you the link to reset it yourself. 

Note: The S7 staff will be able to update your password but not retrieve it as they are all encrypted in the database.


How do I upload my headshot for my profile?



How do I change the privacy settings for the information shown to other S7 members on my bio?
Log on to your profile, click on manage profile, then edit bio.  As you scroll down your bio there are little
people icons next to the information.  Click on the icon and you can change the setting.

Note: If you wish to add or change something that is not available on the site please contact the S7 staff.


Where can I update my spouse's information?

Please click on manage profile and there is a form on the Related Individuals page to fill out with updated information (example: spouse has new email, new child, etc) or please contact the S7 office directly.

Why does my spouse/partner have to use my user name and password? 

Because of how we register for Big 3 Events and how our membership prefers to view their registration information we provide 1 username and password for members and spouses/partners so that we can accomodate this within the system. 


What new profile features are available with the new site?

Create personal blog

Create additional profile pages

Manage/share your social /professional networks
Upload files or pictures to your individual profile to share

Message members directly on the site

Email members from the site


How do I upload photos to my photo gallery?

Log in and click on Manage Profile. Click on photo gallery, click on upload photo and follow the instructions to select and open the file. Note Files must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG image format. Additionally the images must be in standard RGB Color


Where do I change my preferences?

You may update your preferences for website notifications, connections, groups, messaging (website), profile and your wall on your profile.  Click on Manage Profile and then My Preferences to uncheck or check what you would like to receive.


Where do I find the URL to use when I want to add my social networks to the S7 website?  

Twitter - click on view my profile page from home page - copy URL at top

LinkedIn - click on profile and use the link that is under your headshot

Facebook - click on your name (top left) to view public profile - copy url at top


What is a connection?  How do I make a connection?

Making connections allows you to easily find and communicate with other members of the site.  To add a connection you click on the green person + button at the top of the member's profile or when you do a search in the member directory when you hover over their name.  (Ex.  To add Scott Zimmerman, do a search for him in the member directory and click on his name or hover over his name.  On his profile click on the green + to connect.  A message will be sent asking him to confirm)



What are groups?

Groups are a new feature available with our new site where members can interact, connect, share files, post news, keep calendars, etc.  Groups can be private and completely hidden except to those who are members or they can be viewable by the whole member community. (Note: Uploaded files are not accessible by other members not a part of the private group however they are stored in the YM administrative system and will be accessible to by anyone who has your username and password)

We have several different types of groups set up: Big 3 Meeting Committees, Board of Directors, Event Groups, Member Forums and State Groups.  At this time the Event Groups and State groups are the only groups viewable to all logged in members.  For all other groups you must be a member of the group to view or see any information.


How do I get to my group page?

Log in and click on Groups under the "My Profile” section on right-hand side.  Your groups will be listed. All members are part of a state group and it will also list any other forum, committee or leadership committee groups of which you are a member. Just click on the group name to navigate to that group page.


Is my forum group page private?

All forum group pages are completely private and visible only to members in your forum.  You can share files, upload pictures, post on the group feed, email group members, view a group directory, etc. and it is only shared with your forum. (Note: Uploaded files are not accessible by other members not a part of the private group however they are stored in the YM administrative system and will be accessible to by anyone who has your username and password)


How do I share files with my forum?

Log in and click on Groups under the "My Profile” section on right-hand side.  Click on the group you want to share a file with, then on the group home page click on the group pages icon at the top.  A default shared file page has been created, that is a wiki enabled page that will allow you to upload and download files from the page.  Your group admin (Forum Moderator) will be able to change the page layout, add more pages, etc.


I'm a forum moderator – how do I add a new forum member?

The group admin navigates to the group page, clicks on "group admin options” and then on "view current members.” They can then select "entire community” from the "search” dropdown, type in the individual's name in the appropriate fields and then click "search.” Next you should click "add to group” to the right of the member's name.


How do I remove a forum member?

Please email Amanda Berry if you wish to remove a forum member from the group.

How do I upload photos in the group?


You must be a member of the group to post or upload photos, so if you are not currently a member request membership or click on join group. Once you are a member of the group you navigate to the group (through groups on your profile or click on the groups button for a public group) and then click on Photo Gallery.  Click on the gallery you want to upload a photo to or just upload photo.


How do I add calendar dates to group calendar?

Only the group administrator can add dates to the group calendar.  When the group administrator is logged in, you click on the group you want to add dates to and then under Group Admin Options/Calendar Management you will click on add a new date.


How do I email other group members?

When logged onto your group homepage click on the icon at the top that looks like a wrench and is labeled Options.  It will give you the option to email or message all group members.  If you wish to email just 1 other group member you can click on their name in the group directory and email or message them individually.


Why are some members of my forum group that are in WPO not visible in my group?

Only current S7 members are visible on the site and only current S7 members will be able to log in to the website.





How do I register for an event?

Log in and Click on Event Calendar and select the event you wish to register for by clicking on the

Click on Register for Event.
Check the boxes for each session/activity you want to register for. (If the event is multi-day click on the date to expand the box to see the next day's selection of activities)

Complete any of the required information (Name, email, etc.) that is not auto-populated and then click on Save and Finalize Registration or Save and Add Another Attendee if you intend to register a spouse, guest or child. 
Once you have completed registration for everyone, proceed to pay to pay online by credit card.

Note: To maintain PCI compliance our new system will NOT store the credit card numbers, so the staff will not have access to them to make adjustments. If you wish you change or add something to your registration please contact the office with a credit card so that we can assist you. Please do not email your credit card information!

How do I register a spouse, child or guest for an event?


1. Click on Register for Event. First select your registration options and complete the required fields. Then click Save and Add Another Attendee.  On the new page you will notice it has your name at the top as registered. 


2. To register a spouse – select their name from the drop-down box underneath the registration options that says "Copy Existing Registrant” and select your spouse's name. The spouse's profile information should populate the personal information.  Next select their registration options at the top.  Then please complete any additional required information. (Note: If your spouse's name doe not appear in the drop down box please complete all their information in the registration fields and complete registration.  Then notify S7 staff.)


3. When complete click on Save and Finalize Registration or Save and Proceed to Checkout.


4. To register a child - Please select their event registrations at the top. Then under "Registration Information” enter the child's name, birth date and gender and then your email or your spouses email unless you wish the child to receive the confirmation email and important email information from the chapter.


5. Once complete click on either Save & Add another Attendee to add another family member or Save and Proceed to Checkout if you are finished.


Can I edit or change my event registration after I complete registration and pay?

No. If you attempt to edit your registration after its been submitted it will create a new registration altogether. If you have forgotten to register a person from your family please contact the S7 Staff person in charge of the event.

If you wish to make changes or have to cancel your attendance please contact the S7 Staff person in charge of the event and we will assist you. 

What is the cancellation policy for Events?

Please refer to the event page for each specific event's cancellation policies regarding any special circumstances and for relevant date information.

  • Big 3 Chapter Meetings - All cancellations must be received in writing to Devrin Carr. If another registrant is on the waiting list who replaced the cancelling registrant, all monies will be refunded to the cancelling registrant except a $1,000 processing fee. If no waiting list exists, the cancelling registrant may sell or give his/her space to any other member in good standing. A waiting list is established when the event reaches its registration goals. YPO will not offer any refund for cancellation apart from those described here

  • State Events, Signature Events, Meet the Prospect Events (MTP's) and Misc. EventsIf cancellation is made after (event specfic date) please refer to cancellation policy below.  
    All cancellations must be received via email to the Southern 7 staff representative responsible for the event. If there is a waitlist and another attendee takes the cancelled attendee’s spot, the cancelled attendee’s  registration fee will be refunded.  If there is no waitlist or no one takes the cancelled spot, no fees  will be refunded.
     For events with no registration fee and a registrant cancels , there will be a $100 cancellation fee.

Where can I view who is registered for an event?

You can view a list of attendees on the event page. Log in and then Click on Event calendar and click on the event, then select either View Registrations or View the people already registered.


Where do I see who is on the committee for an upcoming meeting?

You can view the committee for an upcoming meeting on the Event Group Page for that meeting.  Click on Groups on the top menu, Event Groups and then the meeting you are looking for.  Once you are on the homepage the committee members will be listed down the side.


*To view who was on a past committee please click on the Event Memories page which is under the Members Only section.


How can I view what events I am signed up for?

You can view the events you have registered for on your profile. Click on manage profile and then Event Registrations. You can view the events and activities (sessions) you and your family members or guests have signed up for, export to your calendar or print a confirmation.

How can I print a receipt for an event/activity I registered for?

You can print a receipt on your profile. Click on Manage Profile and Click on Invoices and then you can view/print a receipt based on your order date. (Note: Make sure to set the filter to Any Status to pull up all event registrations)  Only registrations that where you have paid a registration fee will show under invoices.  Confirmations can be found under event registrations. 


How do I export an event to my calendar? 

There is a calendar icon on the main event page and also on the thank you page after you check out.  Click on the icon and follow the instructions to save the event to your calendar.  

You can also export to your calendar from your My Event Registration page in your profile.  Just click on the calendar icon next to the event registration you want to export and follow the directions to save. 


How do I post photos or comments on the Event Group page?

You must first join the group (click on groups and the group you want to join and then click Join Group).  Then you can upload photos, add comments, email or message other group members, etc.


Where can I view the event photos after the event?

Each "Big 3 Meeting"  will have a group created where you can post comments before the meeting or email other members.  You can upload your own photos or documents before/after the meeting.  This is also where you can find all the photos after the meeting has concluded.  (Please note we do not receive the photos immediately and will notify attendees once they are posted)

State Events and other Misc. event pictures will be posted under the Groups Section under - State Groups/Pictures Page.  If you have pictures from an event feel free to add them in this section as well. 


How do I download a photo to my computer?  

Navigate to the album, click on the album and with the thumbnails showing -  right click above the "posted on date" on the thumbnail of the image you want to save and save it to your computer.  If you want a higher resolution (say for 8x10, etc.) please contact the office with the photo name and we will get it to you. 


How do I right click to download a photo if I am using a MAC or iPAD?


If you feel we have missed something or would like us to add something to the FAQ please contact one of S7 Staff members!

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